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Pattalam – Produced by Director Lingusamy’s

Pattalam – Produced by Director Lingusamy’s Tirupathi Brothers – movie gallery

pattalam nadhiya Pattalam   Produced by Director Lingusamys Tirupathi Brothers   movie gallery
‘Pattalam’ is the second film produced by Director Lingusamy’s Tirupathi Brothers.
Director Lingusamy turned producer with ‘Deepavali’ starring Jayam Ravi and now ‘Pattalam’. Nadia does an important role in the film ‘Pattalam’.In the new film ‘Pattalam’ Nadhiya plays the role of a school correspondent and psychiatrist who is very close to 9 school going youngsters who are having a blast enjoying their teenage years without any commitments to burden them.
Rohan Krishna has written the screenplay and makes his debut as director. Roshan Kumar who is a former assistant to hit makers Priyadarshan and Santosh Sivan and also has got a national award for a short film ‘Paramapadham’.
The shooting for ‘Pattalam’ started recently along with the inaugural pooja. Shooting took place atVenkateswara College at Gowrivakkam near Tambaram. Nadia took part in the shooting.

Thursday, 12 July 2012 - pattalam movie review

(2.5 / 5)  : Above Average 2.5 / 5
'Pattaalam' is entertaining. 
Maudgalyan    Mon, 30 Mar 2009
Pattaalam" features real schoolchildren as the main characters - something that had not been tried so far. And to their credit, all of them have acquitted themselves well and supported ably by the seasoned actress Nadiya playing the school principal 'Daisy' to perfection.

The storyline is on expected lines though.

Daisy abhors corporal punishment and uses subtle counselling methods to help groups of adolescent students at loggerheads to turn a new leaf after one of them attempts to commit suicide. 

Films centred on children rarely do well except in the exceptional cases like Aamir Khan's "Taare Zameen Par".

The commercial success quotient of the 2006 Malayalam release "Notebook" continues to be a controversy.

"Pattaalam" is somewhat weighed down by the avoidable long-winding sermons.

Else, Krishnaswamy's visuals are excellent, the musical foil by Jassi is apt and Rohan's endeavour to direct obviously mischievous children is commendable.

In all, it is a good outing during the ensuing school holidays.

2.5 stars
2.5 / 5 Pattalam - Movie review Pattalam - Movie review
Pattalam is an attempt to show the world of students in a different light. We have seen movies dealing with the similar subject, but debutant director Rohan Krishna has tried to look into the various dimensions of the teen age students.

The movie opens with a different note introducing the main characters through fun filled sequences. It shows two sets of boys locking horns for each and everything.

Daisy (Nadiya), the correspondent of the school makes them more responsible by her sensible and compassionate ways. Being a psychologist (Daisy manages a mental asylum alongside the school) she believes that students could be shaped well with love. Thanks to her sensitive and intelligent handling, the students get united and help the school win the athletic championship.
Rohan must be appreciated for not restoring to commercial gimmicks. It is easy to show the world of adolescent boys and girls in a sensual manner but Rohan has completely avoided it and instead he has focused on their emotions, camaraderie, and fights. But unfortunately, he hasn't avoided clich├ęs in depicting the problems and conflicts among the students. Each and every turning point in the second half is quite predictable. The romance-jealous-violence sequences fail to impress, as we have seen such things in many films.

Nadhiya has handled her role with grace while the youngsters have played their part well. Irfan, Hari and Balaji from 'Kana Kaanum Kalangal' team have done particularly well.
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Jassie Gift's songs reflect the mood of the film aptly. The song 'Iskubera Raaraa' stands out. The background score is noteworthy in some sequences, especially the emotional ones. Cinematographer Krishnasamy has captured the mood of the film beautifully. Director Lingusamy has taken a bold step as a producer to fund a movie with a different plot. 

The movie could have been a more enjoyable fare had Rohan avoided the cliches.
More ReviewsMar 31st, 2009

Pattalam wallpapers tamil movie


Pattalam wallpapers tamil movie

Pattalam - movie tariler

- Pattalam movie review

Movie Review : Pattalam
Rating : 2 / 5 
Banner : Thirupathi Brothers
Cast : NadhiyaIrfanHariBalaji and Others
Music : Jassie Gift
Cinematography : Krishnasamy
Producer: Lingusamy
Director: Rohan Krshna
Released Date: March 27, 2009
Story:  pattalam
A different tale, the story is set on the backdrop of the Holy Bells school and this has two groups of four adolescent teenagers each. As usual, both groups have rivalries and in this process they tend to get indiscipline and even violent at times. At this point comes Daisy (Nadhiya) who is the correspondent of the school, she is also the incharge of a mental asylum and having noticed the group clashes, she realizes that the solution for this is through affection and not punishment. Soon, she begins to counsel the groups and introduces few innovative ways due to which the groups come together and becomes one. They also go on to win an athletic championship but then one incident happens that leaves a lasting impact on them. What is that incident and what happens after that forms the rest of the story
The director has attempted to come up with a fresh storyline unlike the regular teen flicks and though his presentation was good, the narrative fell back at few points. The dialogues were alright, the script was written but it lacked depth and the screenplay was executed accordingly. Music could have been better and even cinematography contributed its presence. Costumes were apt and the art department was neat. It was a show that belonged to Nadhiya all the way and she has carried it out well. The boys from the serial Kana Kanum Kalangal Irfan, Hari, Balaji have come out with good performances and were at ease on the silver screen. The others did their bit and made their presence felt.  
The film could have been a lot better if the script was crisper and focused on some entertaining elements. While the first half takes off with flying colors, it is the second half when things go off track and this causes the momentum to slow down and the audience losing interest. However, the makers must be appreciated for coming up with a rather different subject and also without any commercial involvement. The film will appeal to certain classes of audience but becoming a good grosser at the box office is a doubt. 

Bharatstudent Verdict: Good in parts, just okay.
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The Times of India - pattalam movie review

The Times of India

Bhama Devi Ravi, TNN, Mar 28, 2009, 12.04AM ISTl
Still from Pattalam
Film: Pattalam 
Direction : Rohan Krishna 
Cast: Nadiya , Arun, Kripa 
Critic rating: Pattalam 

This one is for the younger generation and is typical Kollywood fare. The film follows the trend set by Boys, Chennai-28 and Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu, where fresh faces and a thin storyline depend on the presentation of situations by the director to work at the box office. And Pattalam may well turn out to be just what the teenagers ordered, as a post-exam stress buster if you will. The film is about the coming of age, backed by a new perspective. 

The faces in Pattalam are the sort you see when you travel on an MTC bus or an electric train, or even in the streets - children cycling their way to school. The faces are fresh and create an impact on the big screen. You could say there is a deliberate method here in moving away from all that s glamourous. It is an approach that has worked well in earlier films and passes muster here, too. 

Of course, you need to have a  fair amount of slapstick  to carry the audience with you, and the formula works well in the first half. The director manages to do so without labouring too much. The picturisation of the song Disai ettum thirumba vaikkum , had the audience laughing and applauding in unbridled joy, especially when  the four boys experience a series of adventurous moments as their cycle brakes fail. The frequent fight scenes between two sets of boys in the school compound is all so natural, it does not get tedious. 
The story is about a gang of eight students  of Std XI,  who are allowed their excesses by a tolerant school head Daisy (Nadia) in the hope that the carrot, and not the proverbial stick, will help them shape up into better human beings. The point is emphasised when a teacher who believes in corporal punishment is sacked by Daisy. 

In the second half, the attempted suicide by one of the eight, and the introduction of a sort of triangle between Sakkarai (Arun), Karthi (Irfan) and Sophie (Kripa) hit predictable terrain. 
However, the ending does not. Of course, there are a few scenes which remind of you of other films, but those are few and far between. The role of Daisy, who multitasks as teacher running a school and doctor in charge of a mental institution, might have been a tad tough on some, but Nadia does justice without going overboard.