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Pattalam is an attempt to show the world of students in a different light. We have seen movies dealing with the similar subject, but debutant director Rohan Krishna has tried to look into the various dimensions of the teen age students.

The movie opens with a different note introducing the main characters through fun filled sequences. It shows two sets of boys locking horns for each and everything.

Daisy (Nadiya), the correspondent of the school makes them more responsible by her sensible and compassionate ways. Being a psychologist (Daisy manages a mental asylum alongside the school) she believes that students could be shaped well with love. Thanks to her sensitive and intelligent handling, the students get united and help the school win the athletic championship.
Rohan must be appreciated for not restoring to commercial gimmicks. It is easy to show the world of adolescent boys and girls in a sensual manner but Rohan has completely avoided it and instead he has focused on their emotions, camaraderie, and fights. But unfortunately, he hasn't avoided clich├ęs in depicting the problems and conflicts among the students. Each and every turning point in the second half is quite predictable. The romance-jealous-violence sequences fail to impress, as we have seen such things in many films.

Nadhiya has handled her role with grace while the youngsters have played their part well. Irfan, Hari and Balaji from 'Kana Kaanum Kalangal' team have done particularly well.
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Jassie Gift's songs reflect the mood of the film aptly. The song 'Iskubera Raaraa' stands out. The background score is noteworthy in some sequences, especially the emotional ones. Cinematographer Krishnasamy has captured the mood of the film beautifully. Director Lingusamy has taken a bold step as a producer to fund a movie with a different plot. 

The movie could have been a more enjoyable fare had Rohan avoided the cliches.
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