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- Pattalam movie review

Movie Review : Pattalam
Rating : 2 / 5 
Banner : Thirupathi Brothers
Cast : NadhiyaIrfanHariBalaji and Others
Music : Jassie Gift
Cinematography : Krishnasamy
Producer: Lingusamy
Director: Rohan Krshna
Released Date: March 27, 2009
Story:  pattalam
A different tale, the story is set on the backdrop of the Holy Bells school and this has two groups of four adolescent teenagers each. As usual, both groups have rivalries and in this process they tend to get indiscipline and even violent at times. At this point comes Daisy (Nadhiya) who is the correspondent of the school, she is also the incharge of a mental asylum and having noticed the group clashes, she realizes that the solution for this is through affection and not punishment. Soon, she begins to counsel the groups and introduces few innovative ways due to which the groups come together and becomes one. They also go on to win an athletic championship but then one incident happens that leaves a lasting impact on them. What is that incident and what happens after that forms the rest of the story
The director has attempted to come up with a fresh storyline unlike the regular teen flicks and though his presentation was good, the narrative fell back at few points. The dialogues were alright, the script was written but it lacked depth and the screenplay was executed accordingly. Music could have been better and even cinematography contributed its presence. Costumes were apt and the art department was neat. It was a show that belonged to Nadhiya all the way and she has carried it out well. The boys from the serial Kana Kanum Kalangal Irfan, Hari, Balaji have come out with good performances and were at ease on the silver screen. The others did their bit and made their presence felt.  
The film could have been a lot better if the script was crisper and focused on some entertaining elements. While the first half takes off with flying colors, it is the second half when things go off track and this causes the momentum to slow down and the audience losing interest. However, the makers must be appreciated for coming up with a rather different subject and also without any commercial involvement. The film will appeal to certain classes of audience but becoming a good grosser at the box office is a doubt. 

Bharatstudent Verdict: Good in parts, just okay.
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